2015 White House Rally: End the Blockade on Cuba, Free the Cuban 5!

White House Protest


The 2015 rally will be one of the main events of the 4rd Annual “5 Days for the Cuban 5″ in Washington, D.C. Activists, organizers and peace loving people from cities across the United States as well as from other countries will travel to Washington, D.C. to take part in this important action in support of the Cuban 5. The program at the rally will include speakers representing diverse voices from the struggle to free the Cuban 5 in the U.S. and abroad.

Location: In front of White House, across the street from Lafayette Park

Time: 1:00




Contact Info:

For information on the day’s program, contact Program Co-Coordinators Netfa Freeman at [netfa@ips-dc.org / 301-938-4628] and Alicia Jrapko at [ajrapko@yahoo.com / 510-219-0092]

Members of the press, contact Press Co-Coordinators Paul Teitelbaum [pault@iactucson.org] / 520-762-6629] (English), and Alicia Jrapko [ajrapko@yahoo.com / 510-219-0092] (English and Spanish).

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